Monday, April 23, 2012

Marathon, graduation, moving, and weddings, oh my!

Well I vowed to do better with my blogging this year and have so far not done very well...oops! I'm sure a lot of you can relate that life can get crazy and before you know time is flying past you! We have a lot of big changes coming up in our life in the next couple months and can't wait to experience it all! I have been vigorously training for my second marathon for several months now and the big day is just 5 days away now!! I am ready to do it...I am hoping to at least PR which would be under 3:48:54. I guess only time will tell now! Adam had to drop to the half a few weeks ago due to a knee injury he struggled with throughout the training. He just didn't feel like he would be ready for the full...but he will rock the half I'm sure!! :)

Adam is also closing in on graduating from the University of Illinois with his MBA! Over the weekend we got to attend a very nice ceremony for an honor society designated for students in the top 20% of the class. He was inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma on Saturday. I'm so incredibly proud of him...he has worked so hard the last two years and deserves this great honor! 

In less than 3 weeks we will attend his's unbelievable how fast the last 2 years has gone! 

We have began the dreaded process of starting to pack up for our big move the end of May. We found a great 2 bed/2 bath condo in Chicago and can't wait to move back there! :) Adam will begin his job with Nuveen Investments on June 4.

In the middle of everything else I am in 2 of 3 weddings we have in the month of June! So I have bridal showers and bachelorette parties galore! Lots of fun but exhausting! Oh and because we didn't have quite enough going on we also planned a vacation to Cabo for a week to celebrate our 2 year anniversary in May! That is not something I am complaining about! I can't wait...besides Adam deserves a great vacation after all his hard work the last 2 years!! Lots of fun stuff to look forward to and feeling very blessed in our life these days!

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