Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Change of blogging site!

So, for those of you who choose to follow me, you know that I have previously used a different site to "blog" on Adam and I's life. For those who are just starting to follow me, here's a little back info to get you started. Adam and I got married in May of 2010. We lived in Chicago for several years before moving to Champaign/Urbana IL in the Fall of 2010 for Adam to start his MBA at the University of Illinois.We are both avid runners. We have 2 awesome dogs, Chase (7 years) and Cari (1 year), who we consider part of our family! You will learn more as we go!! I have heard from several different people that this blog site is better, so here we go! :)

Yesterday I was granted a really cool experience. Some of you know that I participate in Crowdtap which is a site designed to promote different companies and give those companies an opportunity to get valuable feedback from none other than, the consumers! I have been fortunate enough to be chosen for Old Navy's Panel and over the last year have received numerous coupons for free clothes for myself and a few friends. Last night however, I was able to take 3 people with me to Old Navy and we all got a free pair of pants, a  free sweater, and free hat, scarf, or gloves!!! That's right, 3 free things! So I took my mom, sister (niece Maggie came along for the fun), and friend Tasha with me and we had so much fun trying on all different styles and picking out all our free goodies! I have posted some pics below of our fun! If you want to try and get involved with different companies and gain opportunities like I have been given over the last year, go check it out at I have recently gotten Adam hooked on it as well. This site is great for men and women. Plus, it was a great excuse to have a girls night full of shopping and fun without all our husbands! :)

Enjoy your week!!


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