Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Year, New Start!

So, as you can see I haven't posted in a month! Oh my goodness, I knew it had been awhile but hadn't realized just how long. The holidays came and went with lots of fun, traveling, and good quality family time! Now we have entered the new year and have been plenty busy the last couple weeks! I am not much of a new years resolution person. I normally stay firm with the idea that anything stated as a resolution is something I should be doing anyway! However, I think I have realized that I need to do better about blogging if I am going to continue having a blog, otherwise it kind of defeats the purpose, huh!? But again, not sure I am willing to say this is a resolution, as it is something that I enjoy doing! Hmmm, or maybe I just don't want to admitt to myself I have caved and made a "New Years Resolution"! Haha! Either way, I will do better!

I have always loved to cook, but as most people over the years I have fallen into the habit of cycling the same meals (for the most part) over and over again. This has changed in our household over the last month and I hope to keep it up. A couple months back, Adam and I decided to train for the Illinois Marathon coming up on April 28th. When we started training, both of us realized that we had gained a "few" pounds since our last marathon and it was making it hard to get through some of our long runs at the pace we wanted to be running at, sooo we took action. We decided to do a "juice diet" for a couple weeks to kick start our diet! We found some really great recipes, that were absolutely delicious! We ate a light breakfast, had a juice for lunch, and a light healthy dinner, with a couple healthy snacks in between meals when needed. It worked!! We both have lost about 10 lbs to date! As two people who eat fairly healthy on a regular basis, we had fallen into habits such as going out to eat too often (not fast food, which we never eat!!), just regular restaurants (like Houlihans), mostly ordering grilled chicken, salads, etc, with the occasional spinach artichoke dip for an appetizer! :) But you don't realize how many bad things can be hidden in restaurant food (preservatives, sodium, fat, etc). So we have been working really hard at making yummy healthy meals at home. Yes, I did say WE, I am so lucky to have a husbad, who not only likes to help me cook, but is actually pretty good at it! :) I will try to share as many meals as I can on here, so anyone else looking to reform their eating habits can join in. Please feel free to comment and share your blog with me and anyone else reading if you have some great healthy recipes! Lots of juice and meal recipes to follow soon!


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